Dwarf Paladin


The Paladin:
Name: Arven O’Connel
Race: Dwarf
When using I Am The Law, use Con instead of Cha

Firery Eyes
Bald head and styled beard
Worn Holy Symbol
Bulky Body

Str: 15 (1)
Dex: 9 (
Con: 16 (2)
Int: 8 (-1)
Wis: 13 (
Cha: 12 (+0)

Damage: d10
Armor: 3
HP: 26

Alignment: Good- Sacrifice yourself to protect someone weaker

Your Load is 12+Str. You start with dungeon rations (5 uses, 1 weight), scale armor (2 armor, 3 weight), and some mark of faith, describe it (0 weight). Choose your weapon:
?Halberd (Reach, 1 damage, two-handed, 2 weight)
-Long sword (Close, +1 damage, 1 weight) and shield (
1 armor, 2 weight)
Choose one:
-Adventuring gear (1 weight)
?Dungeon rations (1 weight) and healing potion

Lay on Hands (Cha)
When you touch someone, skin to skin, and pray for their well-being , roll+CHA. ?On a 10+ you heal 1d8 damage or remove one disease. ?On a 7–9, they are healed, but the damage or disease is transferred to you.

You ignore the clumsy tag on armor you wear.

I Am the Law
When you give an NPC an order based on your divine authority, roll+Cha. ?On a 7+, they
choose one:
• Do what you say
• Back away cautiously, then flee
• Attack you
?On a 10+, you also take +1 forward against them. ?On a miss, they do as they please and
you take -1 forward against them.


Heather has stood by me in battle and can be trusted completely.
I respect the beliefs of Lirian but hope they will someday see the true way.
Shayne’s misguided behavior endangers their very soul!

True way: Nature is the final arbitor of justice, but belongs to all, and all belong to it



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