Numan Ranger


STR: 12 / DEX: 16 / CON: 9 / INT: 8 / WIS: 15 / CHA: 13
Good Alignment
Ferocity+2, Cunning+2, 0 Armor, Instinct+1 – Quick Reflexes, Fast, Scout, Search, flighty

  • I have guided ___Arven___ before and they owe me for it.
  • I should learn to be more steadfast and reliable as ___Heather___
  • ___Shayne___ does not understand life in the wild, so I will teach them.


  • ___Heather___ is a friend of nature, so I will be their friend.

XP: 2


<`cometgirl> Alright, I think I’m going to go with the idea I said earlier: an ‘elf’ ranger. Good alignment. With a laser gun and high-frequency sword. The battery on the gun has six bars on it at the start of the game. She’s mostly spent time avoiding the jelly overlords and has a lot of wilderness/dungeon survival experience, but is still dressed in the plug suit from the vat she was born in for armor. She has an animal companion, a mechanical drone that’s a skittering little thing with wings.
For personality, she’s a lot like her drone: helpful, but can be a bit skittish. Perfers to take things at range and to stay out of civilized areas — because she’s paranoid of agents of <whatever> Overlords.


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