Numan Bard


Shayne Springstein
elf, male, good aligned
look: knowing eyes, fancy hair, traveling clothes, fit body
hp 6+con = 16
base damage d6
str 9 (0) dex 15 (1) con 12 (0) int 13 (1) wis 8 (-1) cha 16 (2)
when you enter an important location, you can ask the gm for one fact from the history of that location
arcane art: when you weave a performance into a basic spell you choose and ally and effect then roll +cha
heal 1d8 damage
+1d4 forward to damage
their mind is shaken clear of one enchantment
when someone succesfully assists the target with aid they get +2 bonus
bardic lore: a bestiary of creatures unusual
charming and open: 5 questions answered honestly
a port in the storm: when you return to a civilized settlement, the gm can tell you how it’s changed
gear: load 9
str. dungeon rations (5 uses, 1 wt) rock guitar, ostentatious clothes, dueling rapier (close, precise, 2 wt), 3 coins

This is not my first adventure with Lirian.

I sang stories of Arven long before I ever met them in person.



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