The Many Races of Lirel World

The Starfolk

The alien arrivals on Lirel. They came from other planets, fleeing an unknown horror that destroyed their galactic empire. Their great starships were damaged by the time they landed on Lirel, and they no longer possesses the technology to leave the planet. They still however, have functional technology that is, by the standards of the native tribes, magic.

  • Humans
    The most populous of the starfolk races. They have mostly hairless bodies, save for the top of their heads and a bit of other places. Two arms, two legs, and little natural biological defenses. As they form the majority, starfolk politcs tend to be human-centric. Many humans consider non-humans to be second class citizens. Especially the natives.
  • Numans
    Numans are similar to humans, but distinguished by longer, pointed ears. They were genetically created from human genes, and even today are birthed in vats rather than natural procreation.
  • Brahmen
  • Dwarves

The Tribes

The native races of Lirel. They were all pre-industrial societies prior to the arrive of the starfolk, although some are agricultural communities and others were hunter-gathers. Since the Great Fall, many of the tribes have changed. Some tribes adapted quickly to the newly introduced technologies brought by the starfolk.

  • Ratkin
    One of the tribes that adapted very quickly to the technological and cultural changes. Ratkin are physically small, with furred bodies and a hairless tail. Most Ratkin now live and work in starfolk cities, where they often provide menial labour. Their willingness to work for very little makes them popular in cities without functional robotic servants.

The Many Races of Lirel World

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